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Simcity 5 казино

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What could have been. Dumb as…. Dude you have 0 skills. How about you watch some other YouTubers like Biffa , two dollor twenty , imperatur etc and try to adopt some skills because the game is perfect but you arent. Sim city is just like any other city building game in existence while in CS, you can actually build proper interchanges and cities that look like google maps.

Also, in CS, you can properly simulate and manage a city. On top of that, in city skylines, you can get, place, and design any building in existence due to the best modding and asset community. For example, do u see the airports in SimCity? In CS, you can actually build ur own runways, get hundreds of airport buildings from the workshop, connect it with a sunken highway, and place airport hotels nearby.

CS cities look like cities from Google maps. The Nth Review But thats art, you have to draw it on one page and its not like you can manage it. I wouldnt consider it as simulation. I just want a realistic city-building game where the possibilities are endless. In Sim City, there were so many things I wanted to do, places I wanted to recreate, things I wanted to build, and places I wanted to detail, but in Simcity, I just couldnt. It seems like the number of options and amount of control and micro management in the game is something that you dont like.

I actually think its what sets skylines apart from other modern SimCity games that tend to lack options and features. Ive played them all and Id say that skylines is the ideal city builder and they did a better job than EA. Although I agree that the learning curve is pretty steep, it takes a while to learn all these systems. However I dont think that other games like factorio should get a pass that makes it ok for you to have to look up a walk-through online; every game should be a self contained experience where you are not required to look outside of the game to learn its mechanics.

Also Im not sure if I would call this a well researched review given that you didnt know that your population is simulated in real time. It seems like a big key feature to miss so Im wondering if there are other features that were missed or misinterpreted. Also I honestly dont believe that people are just talking about skylines because SimCity isnt really around at the moment.

I played a lot of the last sim city that came out and I enjoyed it a lot, but once skylines came out I have no reason to revisit sim city except for the nostalgia of SimCity If EA wanted to Im sure they could dominate the city simulator genre just like they do with the sims, but for some reason they havent wanted to step up to the plate in that regard.

I was rooting for sim city to make a comeback too until skylines dropped. Unfortunately or fortunately, colossal order has stepped up to the plate in a way that EA hasnt and filled in a huge gap in the market, along with other less notable city builders. I think the game earns its reputation, and so do EA games for better or worse. Where that game suffers is in not conveying how you get to the next stage very well or build the next thing.

Cities just doesnt have a very effective tutorial at all and so, yes, when it layers on components and mechanics, much less any of the DLC, it can be overwhelming. I think if EA has stuck to fixing SimCity in the same way that Hello Games fixed No Mans Sky or Bethesda is committing to fixing Fallout 76 after similarly awful debuts, I think Cities wouldve flown under the radar like their previous games had. They launched into a vacuum and now they control the space. I fully agree with this.

SimCity has a glass ceiling of content and gameplay because EA killed it way too early and let it slide into its grave by gravity. Meanwhile, CS has been supported consistently for years and basically operates in a vacuum. I have to disagree with probably most of your video. As someone who likes buildings cities, you can never have too much. It just adds the ability to really customize your city how YOU want. Skylines always felt empty to me.

Like hollow, hard to explain. Simcity felt alive and had meaning yet it was so damn small and limited! Left me wanting more. Not necessarily simpler, but sturdy. I made another video about the kind of city builder I really want to see. I think the fact that C:S was made in Europe is why the vanilla game is kind of bland. They have completely different architectural styles and density types. In America, smaller towns have smaller buildings, and larger cities have takkwr buildings in downtown.

Theres also the fact that theres no class in C:S either, so you dont get small trailer homes near lower land value areas like freeways. I still prefer C:S though because I cant stand the small city sizes and soulless feel of the one. Although I wish C:S followed the American route in the base game. I just cant get into European city making. I dont think its European v. American urban development.

As I said in the video, older SimCity games have varying densities as well, its just that theyre automated in Previous SimCity games didnt have trailer parks either. CS is just a dry game that focuses on mechanics and providing more of them versus being a showy, cohesive experience. Thats a fact. None of this free-form space consuming nonsense! Of course, grids are a more efficient plan to develop a city around anyway.

All the elaborate curves in the world only hurt your residents. Some people like games where you need to use a wiki to learn how to play it well. This is has nothing to do with it. Claiming that its an objective instance of poor game design is just a non-starter. If you want a game where you need a wiki to play it, thats fine, but that doesnt give you unlimited license to be obtuse about mechanics or have vague tutorials that dont even explain the basics.

Wow, that was just bad… Fair point if you prefere the gameplay of SimCity. But this was just listing a bunch of mostly unjustified criticism. Not sure if this was on purpose or just plain incompetence. Ha, thanks! I think youre the third person to point that out and I have to be reminded each time. I feel like the title and description of the video are fairer than the video itself. The title means that Cities: Skylines is not like SimCity which is correct , and the description explains that the game doesnt work for Nick, without saying the game is bad.

Which is super fair, to each their own. But the video is full of this is bad, this is also bad that warrants all those dislikes in my opinion. YOU dont like things in this game and thats okay, but calling out beloved features as bad mechanics isnt the way to go. If you worded things out differently, you could have kept this review honest without shitting on players actually having fun with it. This whole video is unnecessarily insulting C:S players. By the way, not disagreeing about the whole it exists because SimCity failed part and Im not necessarily a C:S fanboy either, I just enjoy the game as is and like the challenge.

Finally, like a lot of little things in your video, if you dont understand death waves by the time youre on your fourth city, its definitely not the game for you its a stupid feature -even has its own loading screen tip-, Ill grant you that, but its easily avoided. It would have been great for both games to coexist, because the end products would have been better for everyone.

Competition would have been good. Maxis sadly shot themselves in the foot thanks to EA. As for that hot take, while I agree here and still love Family Guy , its still about enjoying a piece of art: To each their own. If someone prefers the dumbed down jokes of the later season of the Simpsons, well good for them. Great reply.

It can be hard to see the positives when youve been exposed to what SimCity got right. Unfortunately, that game was shut down and boomed away before most people could enjoy it, allowing C:S to succeed at all. At the same time, its also the same struggle to explain the greatness of early Simpsons to a Family Guy fan. The latter is kind of a brazen less-than of the former, but it spawned so much similar quality content while Simpsons went lame, its tough to convince people of the superior product.

Just another hot take for ya. Another thing that always bothered me in Cities Skylines is the day-night cycle with one of the DLC: it happens arround a few days. The Nth Review I agree that you shouldnt need an external tutorial but…you simply dont. The first city I ever built was a success and I never had any issues like you because my iq was above 2 and I knew not to put a factory next to houses when pollution was in the game.

Its honestly amazing how every comment that points out valid flaws in your logic is met by you with a blatant disregard for considering them and you get defensive and passive aggressive. Listen, because your favorite saga does not succeed, you do not have to mess with an absolute beauty like Cities skylines, I have more than hours in the game and every day I come up with things to do to innovate myself and my cities, because you are boring and Without ideas and just knowing how to build squares without shapes does not mean that the game is bad.

I just started playing blind the day before yesterday and knew not to do that just from reading the tooltip. That way, upkeep costs will not eat your income. Lower power and water budget to minimum size you dont need that much at first. Economy panel is already unlocked from the start. This is due to some zoned buildings reducing their operation. Water and power usage will fluctuate as well, so see if you can adjust the budget correspondingly.

Day and night budgets can be adjusted individually. Either your pumps are sucking polluted water, or a water tower is on polluted ground. Another problem is sewage suffering blackouts. In case of insufficient power, buildings furthest away from power source. Either a water pump is sucking in polluted water, or a water tower is on polluted ground. At that size, you need little more than a small clinic. At least people who dont want disasters dont have to worry one.

Currently, Godzilla doesnt have history of city destruction for now. Only when SimCity issues is when Paradox Interactive greenlight the development. Traces of political mechanics are found in city policies. Cities:Skylines had a rough corners when first introduced.

Those are soon corrected by subsequent free patches. This can change multiple times in-game week. Cities:Skylines allows curved and freeform roads. This can be done on the first 4 circular icons left of the road menu. There is an actual mod in Cities:Skylines that completely overhauls the user interface into SimCity. The road visual is one of those free patches introduced in Mass Transit. Those DLCs are completely optional anyway.

For example: Parklife give you the ability to make custom parks. A great addition, but not necessary gameplay-wise due to already existing roadside parks. This is the main motivation that makes the game mod friendly in the first place. Manipulate terrain, water, etc to your liking.

Or, summon a natural disaster. Another examples are patches and DLCs. Many considered Green Cities silly, and Mass Transit brilliant. Colossal Order even released Content Creator packs to support the modders. Literally, the content of those packs are authored by famous modders and they take a profitable cut.

While it is possible to improve AI, this comes with a severe performance penalty. Mods can help bridge the hardware performance disparity among players. Part of the reason why a sequel is under development. The 9 tile limitation is to ensure the minimum requirements can be run, and to minimize the impact of imbalance.

Players that use the 25 tile mod will notice this. In fact, these players contribute to the discovery of the cause of outbound train congestion on some maps. Colossal Order corrected the default maps, and many map editors of Steam Workshop does so as well. That is further expounded by built-in editors, and a very extensive modding community. The begging is only there to remind you that it is recently unlocked. Just click x and it will be gone forever. You only need either clinic or hospitals.

In late-game, you dont need to build every single service building, as it is highly dependent on your city. Functionally identical, different approach. Pumps are cheaper to run, but requires bodies of water. Those also literally remove water from the game world, so multiple pumps can drain the river.

Water towers can be placed on land, but more expensive. Might be your only option in desert maps. Entirely up to you, each with their advantages and disadvantages. Again, up to you. The selective building becomes even more apparent after unlocking Monuments.

Mind you, they are not easy to get. These are indicated by tooltips when hovering a building in build menu. Oh, and expand residential zones gradually to minimise the impact of deathwave: citizens at the same age dying at the same time. That, or polluted water is the cause. But, they are expensive to maintain. Another use is city policy that only applies to that district.

Example: preventing trucks into a district to control industrial traffic. For abandoned buildings, click on the building, then hover the abandoned icon to determine the cause. This can potentially increase the buildable area of the shores. Seawalls are useful on areas that frequently flood, especially after building a dam, canal, or numerous sewage outlets. Yes, those sewage outlets add polluted water into the map.

Hence, the origin of poop powered dam, poop flood, and poop tsunami joke. Overwhelming is very common at the start for almost all games or even non-games such as driving school. Heck, even Dean Takahashi is overwhelmed in Cupheads tutorial level although that gameplay is very infuriating for a game reviewer.

With a lot to learn, new learners will struggle. But with more patience and slow pace, they can learn to the point of boredom. Do not forget to lower the budget, especially when in surplus. Turning off buildings will instantly drop that upkeep costs to zero. Useful when you temporarily dont need them, or when aggressive cost cutting is needed and dont want to demolish. This can be further lowered by budget cuts.

There is no such thing as build order in sandbox games. As in what, when, and how to build is entirely up to you. Those buildings unlock at the certain population where the city is big enough, and has enough revenue to build and sustain those. Unlimited demand mod players will notice these gatekeeping mechanics, or face a huge imbalance early in the game. Sure, it is possible to explore the game, but reading reference materials will give you an huge advantage.

You will learn many hidden features of sandbox, and open-world games there. Every Paradox Interactive games have their own wiki, and are thoughtfully designed to be simple, yet comprehensive. Of course, you can always consult the advisor. It is the green question mark icon above the city name. It will display more information for every info view, or build menu clicked. Take advantage of tooltips. Hover anything clickable and it will display. On build menus, this could include a picture.

Also, this video uses a pure vanilla no DLC game, making it game. And it seems the complexity of Cities:Skylines is underestimated. You might find Chirper annoying, but a serious problem left unattended for too long will be tweeted by a citizen. The name is clickable so that camera jumps to that tweeter and trace the problem from there. Or, explore info views to find what is insufficient. While every road type seemed functionally identical, their capacity and direction do not.

Oversized roads are waste of space and expensive, while undersized roads are noisy and congested. This is why even real-life cities have road hierarchy. Most convenient, but also slowest and smallest. They require most of the infrastructure, and are difficult to build. You can even follow one. Click on one, then click pin. Props in Skylines react with the dynamic weather. Newly built or moved buildings produces dust cloud and sounds.

SimCity is abstract, Skylines is specific. They are also influenced by external factors, and the building themselves renovate you can set it to historical building if you want to keep the current appearance. It will still level up, but it will not renovate. They want houses to remain as houses and apartments remain as apartments. That is why the desities are separate. There is also high-rise ban policy if you really do not want skyscrapers.

Not especially when the population limit is 1 million. That is just citizens alone, there are other agents to simulate: cars, trains, etc. Even a bus trip can show that. The green lines represent pedestrians route. One of the human is even highlighted in green walking by. This will become more apparent at your 5th tile: traffic congestion is more apparent.

It may seem you are drawing again, except what you are drawing now should remain compatible on what you already drawn. Please note it is game. Water level must fill the dam first to the line where the dam wall changes from vertical to diagonal before the dam release water. In that dam, it fills almost instantly, which is why that river still flows. Right-click a terrain to set that as target level, then left-click to alter the terrain that matches your. Read the tooltips of each terrain tools for instructions how to use them.

Trivia: terrain is originally map editor exclusive until the Snowfall update. Same reason why real life turbines are also off the city grid. This is observed as blue shade on the ground in power info view. As long the buildings are close enough, they will pass power. However, for longer distance, you need power lines. You dont need to connect to the building, just the blue shade.

This is explained by the advisor and power line tooltip. The water pipes you are building are water mains in real life. The light blue shade is their area of effect. This is explained by advisor, and water pipe tooltip. Need for Speed series had multiple games that undergo just that.

I think you need to be introduced to the concept of sewer pipes, from the gameplay youre showing us. Edit: also, this video shows one thing…. You spent too much time playing a boring and incredibly easy city builder with almost no actual features as basically half the stuff you do in Cities: Skylines is done for you.

And everything else is incredibly simplified. Edit 3: what do you mean there are no actual people there? Like, there are people driving down the street, people walking down the street, bicycling, skating, working and I dont see how you dont see that.

I mean what more things you wish to know to consider they are alive? I am completely agree! Finally something objective that doesnt follow the bloody hype. Personally Ive never minded the amount of things you can do in paradox games because I think it adds so much replayability. If I play through a shite strategy game once, ill usually not play it again because one playthrough is about as much as the game holds. But damn Ive put hours into hearts of iron 4 and stellaris apiece and Im still having fun because those too many mechanics means I can do stuff on my second playthrough that I didnt do on my first, and again for my third and fourth.

I hate to sound like a cringy little kid but he really is just bad at the game and building roads. I cringed so hard when he said city skylines ripped off sim city. Cities Skylines. Yes, they did pretty much copy sim city. But they improved upon a game before theirs. But now, as you grow more over time, you understand the importance of industry, commercial, and office and how to incorporate them into your city while still getting tourists.

You definitely have to learn the game before you play. Wow,,,,,this game is a must for any city builder sim. City sky lines is very involved strategy game. Many thinks are connected. Ie have an area that well served with parks nice lay out transport links road infrastructure basically what real city would have.

Everyone and everything is connected so you must work these services and the way the people and buildings work together for it to be a successful city. With out that it fails so you must play and understand how you city connects and works as one. You can just injoy the game as it is or just enjoy building a small area for days with chairs and tents or the list goes on. And for that it gives more realistic game playfor those that want the freedom to detail a city in form they wish and just sit back and watch the city with a sense of pride.

My problem in a very specific matter, particularly the UX, is that they almost entirely ripped it off the only other city builder to release in the previous few years. Even then, if someone can take some working ideas from a failed product and build upon them then good on them. Most things arent totally original anyways, especially works of art. I think the main issue you have is that your trying to make a city the same way that you would in sim city.

Not everything has to be in a compact grid, industrial areas should not be inside the city, you need to create separate ares for different things and connect them all with an efficient road system. This isnt bad game design, its just different and arguably more realistic , and your still treating it like simcity.

Try watching some other playthroughs and it will help you get the gist of it. The Nth Review to each thier own but you arent forced to use all the extra stuff that your complaining about. I personally like all the available options. Tbh I just cant handle playing simcity anymore purely because of the oversimplification, especially with the road systems.

All valid points! My problem is that when I did figure it out, even if it wasnt the optimal way do it, the game simply isnt as fun and doesnt connect me with the people like SimCity does. In the end its just a bulky landscape painter like every other modern city builder, but its less fun to me. I find Cities Skylines to be what SimCity shouldve been, its not a perfect game but at least the developers listen to the community, are not owned by EA RIP Maxis and give users the option to MOD the game directly from the Steam workshop, that alone can make the game I wanted to build a literal autocratic groverment on simcity but dispointed to find out.

There no mods. To make it a shithole to live in. The complexity is what makes this game interesting for many people. Your lack of knowledge about this game shows that you havent really played it. I understand the complexity is what makes this game interesting for many people. Its also one of the reasons why I dont like it, or any game thats complex without a good design that surfaces that complexity at appropriate times. Thats not a lack of knowledge, thats a preference.

This is why we used mods to make it even better. Its the main power of this game, the mods are insane bc without mods, its just a generic city builder. Matus Trgina thats very silly. Our game can be garbage because it was designed for mods!

Im not saying CS is garbage, but thats just passing the buck. The Nth Review well, that game was developed for modding, so mods are game itself… its not problem of CS they do right, where SC failed…. Well, when Im evaluating the game itself and not what a bunch of volunteers did to fix it, that is a huge consideration. I found so many you did wrong here Like did you duy the dlc?

There are some floods with the dlc there are tsunamis People are not invisible I remember watching a person going to work and coming back Pipe system is realistic And more its a good game Paradox is good studio make god tier games with high price dlc. On me opinion cityskylines is like sorry only profisionals becase u now like i got cities skylines me cities failed by trafic… and then i founnd why it failed u cant control trafic wihtout mods and i as like are u serius. I have! But I realize thats a rabbit hole and I wanted to take a look at the game the developers made without handing over a billion dollars in DLC dollars or download a bunch of mods.

Sorry but disagree with you here. Cities Skylines isnt Sim City so you shouldnt build a city expecting it to work the same as a city from Sim City. Learn how to play through videos online. It does have a strong learning curve but this game is the best in city builder of all time, though Sim City 4 is a close second.

The Nth Review Well your at least giving it a shot. Lotta money tho. I hope you can enjoy the game more but if its not for you, well, at least you gave it a fair chance. I appreciate the reply, even if we disagree! Ive addressed these points in othe replies, but I am looking forward to a full Nth Review in the coming months. All the things you are saying are minor problem and just because cs is a city building game and sim city is a city building game that does not make cs a rip off planet coaster is not a rip off of roller coaster tycoon.

When you have a variety of minor problems, it becomes a big problem. When it looks like a rip-off and plays like one, it probably is. This is probably a rip-off with a big problem, which is the entire video. Have a good day! Cities Skylines is way better than this grid based sim city for kids.

Real city planners proved its more realistic to play CS. The Nth Review for a reason. And I was huge fan of SC. And they knew it. SimCity didnt fail because if a better competitor, it failed because of an awful launch, lack of support, critical backlash and a publisher who wasnt committed to getting the game where it needed to be and then they shut Maxis down entirely.

All of that happened before Cities: Skylines even came out, much less became popular. Sadly maxis was shut down. I wish they could both still compete. But I just hate the fanboying explanations. SC4 was ok. And as sad as it was for me also. SimCity failed because of better competitor. Well Im gonna admit I only skimmed threw the video but from what I saw all of your complaints where pretty small. Dont waste your time watching this crap, im going to sum up this entire video Its trash cuz I dont know how to play.

The Nth Review Cities Skylines is targeted at more experiencied players on this type of simulator. C:S isnt that much more difficult at its core than SimCity. Theyre both landscape painters. The problem, among so many, many things, is that C:S communicates what its trying to do very, very poorly, then staples rather needless mechanics and a mountain of DLC on top. If it was just clear about its own rules, it would be a far better experience. The Nth Review Cities Skylines is not an easy game, you need atleast a basic knowlege on traffic and how a city works, its not like SimCity were you build a dirt road and place casinos everywhere and youve won the game.

So, would you say SimCity is to have a great casual play evening and Cities Skylines more like a spreadsheet game where Your accomplishment is the end result painting — maybe building the town I live in or trying to fix the town I lives in? A very interesting way to consider it. I think SimCity would be more like a painting and Cities would be more like a machine. I feel like the best way to think about these games is Sim City is a video game whereas Cities Skylines is a model trainset..

Sim City especially 4 really made you play by their rules. It was always challenging and more of a puzzle like game. So more like a game and less relaxing. Cities is a like a little model trainset. Its easy, and when problems do arise like a bad intersection it turns into a fun challenge. If it doesnt work, you have to find a way to make it work.

I find Cities a lot more relaxing and quite a sleepy grind, but it feels more rewarding to me. Im finally free to make what I want and not stress about fixing that 1 intersection or chopping down that Forrest that my advisors keep screaming about. Градостроительный симулятор снова с вами! Создайте город своей мечты; сделайте правильный выбор в жизни ваших персонажей! Каждое решение имеет реальные последствия. Вкладывайте средства в тяжелую промышленность, и ваш капитал возрастет ….

Прокладывайте дороги, возводите здания и расчерчивайте зоны без малейших усилий. Вам интересно, что может случиться, если бы свалка находилась рядом с источником водоснабжения? Теперь вы это можете легко узнать, но мы предупреждаем: вам вряд ли понравится. Каждый сим, который приезжает в ваш город - отдельная личность, и каждый готов высказать свое мнение.

Оставьте дела на самотек, и вы получите волну протеста! Быть мэром не так уж и просто, но, если все делать верно, вас ждет достойная награда. SimCity не вынуждает вас строить все в одном городе, вместо этого вы можете распределить функции. Сконцентрируйте в одном городе всю науку или производство электроэнергии; до тех пор, пока горожане счастливы, им все равно, какими способами вы этого добиваетесь. Весь мир может участвовать в вашем небольшом социальном эксперименте.

Реальные игроки могут поселиться и строить город по соседству с вами. Ваши города влияют друг на друга, а будет ли это влияние положительным или отрицательным зависит только от того, насколько хорошо вы научитесь взаимодействовать в игре. GlassBox — революционная технология, превратившая SimCity в живой город. Все элементы — горожане, здания и дороги — взаимозависимы, и изменение одного из них ведет к изменению всех остальных элементов. Прямо как в реальном мире. Вкладывайте средства в тяжелую промышленность, и ваш капитал возрастет - но за счет здоровья ваших персонажей, поскольку это ухудшит окружающую среду.

Внедряйте экологически благоприятные технологии и улучшайте качество жизни ваших персонажей, рискуя при этом повышением налогов и безработицей. Объединяйтесь с друзьями для решения глобальных вопросов: запуска шаттла, снижения радиоактивных выбросов или постройки парка аттракционов. Вступайте в конкурентную борьбу за право называться самым богатым, самым грязным или самым лучшим местом в международных и региональных таблицах лидеров! Прислушаетесь к ним и станете кумиром?

Или злоупотребите властью ради славы и богатства? Придайте своему городу уникальный, неповторимый облик! Сотрудничайте или соперничайте на региональном или международном уровне; распространяйте свое влияние все дальше! Игру можно запустить только в версиях macOS с поддержкой разрядных приложений. НА www.